AZURSEZ Joins World Free Zones Organisation

AZURSEZ Joins World Free Zones Organisation

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In a significant stride towards global economic collaboration, AZUR Special Economic Zone (SEZ) proudly announces its membership in the World Free Zones Organisation (World FZO). This milestone, celebrated by AZUR SEZ Chairman Jason Blick, marks a momentous occasion for AZUR SEZ and underlines its commitment to international cooperation and economic development.

The World FZO, established in Dubai in May 2014, is a distinguished not-for-profit organisation dedicated to representing the collective voice of free zones worldwide. It stands as the sole international, multi-lateral body for zones, showcasing a commitment to fostering unity, knowledge exchange, and sustainable business practices among its members.

For decades, the free zone concept has burgeoned across the globe, becoming integral to the economic landscapes of emerging economies in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. From the inaugural free zone at Shannon Airport in 1959, the model has evolved, now boasting over 3000 free zones globally, supporting an estimated 100 million jobs.

AZUR SEZ, as a member of the World FZO, expresses its excitement and honour to be part of this esteemed organisation. Chairman Jason Blick comments, "It is a privilege for AZUR SEZ to join the World Free Zones Organisation. This membership not only signifies our commitment to global economic development but also places us in a position to contribute actively to the international dialogue on the role of free zones in fostering sustainable business practices and economic growth."

About The World FZO

The World FZO, with its headquarters in Dubai and registration in Geneva, is driven by a mandate outlined by its Board of Directors and Executive Management. These objectives serve as the foundation for the association's activities, ensuring that free zones worldwide benefit from a unified platform:

Knowledge Exchange and Networking: The World FZO provides a forum for free zones, associations, consultants, and users to engage in knowledge exchange, education, training, and business development. This ensures that members stay abreast of industry trends and foster collaborative partnerships.

Research and Insights: Through exclusive in-depth research, the organization offers members unrivalled access to valuable insights, enabling free zones to learn, grow, and prosper on a global scale.

Best-in-Class Standards: The World FZO aims to create standards that enhance the economic ecosystem globally and locally. This includes guidelines for the establishment and administration of free zones, fostering a framework for sustainable development.

Knowledge Dissemination: Gathering, creating, expanding, and disseminating knowledge about free zones internationally is a key objective, promoting the positive impact of free zones on global economies.

Perception Improvement: The organization strives to improve the global perception of free zones, positioning them as valuable contributors to local economies and champions of sustainable business practices.

Specialized Services: The World FZO offers operational, administrative, educational, and networking services to members, partners, and observers, ensuring continuous support through physical and electronic resources.

Advisory Role: The organization actively supports and advises new free zones internationally as they develop, leveraging its expertise to facilitate their successful establishment.

Global Thought Leadership: With the ambition to become the global thought leader on free zones, the World FZO seeks to address issues related to them and spearhead initiatives that shape the future of economic zones worldwide.

As AZUR SEZ integrates into this global network, the organization aligns itself with a mission that transcends borders. The membership in the World FZO not only validates AZUR SEZ's commitment to excellence but also positions it as a key player in the global conversation about the pivotal role of free zones in shaping the future of international trade and economic development.

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