The Future of Offshore Business: AZUR and EQIBank's Seamless  Partnership

The Future of Offshore Business: AZUR and EQIBank's Seamless Partnership

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Today we will explore the future of global business, shining a light on the groundbreaking collaboration of AZUR and EQIBank. 

We’ll delve into the seamless integration of AZUR's innovative virtual city with EQIBank's secure corporate banking, which offers businesses unparalleled efficiency and growth opportunities in the global sphere. 

Discover how this partnership redefines the landscape, providing a dynamic environment for collaboration, streamlined processes, enhanced accessibility, and unprecedented financial services. Join us in unlocking the potential of this synergy, shaping the future of business on a global scale.

AZUR and EQIBank

AZUR and EQIBank are a powerful combination, offering a dynamic collaboration for businesses that wish to operate globally.


AZUR was designed as “the leading high-tech ecosystem in the Americas”, and intended as the only technology park with an integrated community for living and working.

Its status as a Special Economic Zone grants a host of attractive business packages, including a 25-year tax exemption.

The World’s Integrated Special Economic Zone

With a bold mission to build inclusive global and local communities with the aim of allowing growth and abundance for not only the businesses, but the surrounding neighbour islands, AZUR is forging ahead to become one of the largest tech entrepreneur SEZs in the region, offering the ultimate work environment for businesses to begin and scale. 


EQIBank stands out in the digital banking space thanks to its modern banking systems,  which are underpinned by traditional service values. With the choice and flexibility to manage both personal and business banking, they offer a personal touch and accessibility that is so often lacking for customers in the digital space. 

Banking solutions for digital spaces

Offering a range of essential services, EQIBank focuses on providing a smooth and customizable experience to their clients that spans over an impressive 180 countries. The bank revolves around the centralisation of essential financial services such as borrowing, global lending, cash management, and investment, designed to bring a sense of ease and convenience to digital banking. 

A Seamless Partnership

EQIBank offers its services to companies that operate within AZUR’s Virtual City, granting them access to EQIBank’s robust financial services, including business current accounts, credit cards and lending services, making it easier than ever to operate and manage a global business. 

The Virtual City: AZUR's Innovation

In the dynamic landscape of modern entrepreneurship, AZUR firmly believes that the potential of your business idea should transcend the confines of geographical limitations.

AZUR SEZ redefines global business with a host of innovative features. Clients can expect: 

  • Access to new customers, markets, and investment opportunities

  • Low costs and minimal administrative burdens

  • A global portal for SEZ commerce and trade

  • Participation in a virtual companies' directory

  • Access to global banking and financial services. 

A dynamic business environment

With AZUR’s Virtual City, barriers are removed by offering a unique opportunity to register and manage your business online, eliminating the need for residency in Anguilla, but still providing seamless access and overseeing your business operations from anywhere on the globe.

Innovation, collaboration and networking

AZUR’s Virtual City is the perfect place for networking and collaboration, opening up opportunities for newer businesses to learn from more established companies already set up in the digital space. 

Such a progressive work environment opens up a slew of opportunities to meet with people and teams you may never have had the chance to cross paths with, opening up the potential for business collaboration.

Secure Corporate Banking by EQIBank

EQIBank offers a comprehensive range of products and services, ideal for global corporate banking. The bank prides itself on security, transparency and adaptability, making it the ideal choice for businesses worldwide. 

A range of key services

EQIBank clients can enjoy a raft of secure, corporate banking services, including: 

  • Checking and Deposit Accounts providing multi-currency support, real-time access, comprehensive security, and global acceptance.

  • EQIBank Visa Card Services offering a secured credit card with collateralization, global acceptance, and customisable credit limits.

  • Escrow Services with secure handling of funds, digital assets, securities, real estate, M&A transactions, and intellectual property.

EQIBank also offers Banking as a Service (BaaS), custody services, Over-the-Counter Trading (OTC),  and lending, making it a one-stop shop for global companies with a global reach.

Commitment to financial security, compliance and efficiency

EQIBank places great focus on compliance and security, adhering to regulatory requirements and providing robust measures to safeguard their customer assets and data.

Advanced Technology and Security

To ensure the security of its customers and assets, EQIBank utilises cutting-edge technology to enhance security measures, including encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and biometric security.

Unprecedented Efficiency and Accessibility

The dynamic partnership between AZUR and EQIBank introduces a new era of seamless integration and unparalleled benefits for clients.

Streamlined processes

With EQIBank’s streamlined digital systems in place, AZUR’s customers can manage their accounts and business from anywhere in the world, enabling them to manage accounts and conduct business globally, with financial inclusivity taking centre stage. 


EQIBank stands out for its seamless integration of services, providing a unified banking platform that streamlines financial management for clients. This approach is the ideal solution for AZUR customers looking to have a one-stop shop for their business’s financial needs. 

A comprehensive suite of options for businesses

From credit cards to lending, EQIBank has on offer a comprehensive array of banking options, tailored to global businesses. Providing 24/7 access for ultimate convenience, clients have the flexibility to oversee their affairs anytime, anywhere.

A gateway to efficiency 

EQIBank's commitment to convenience shines through with its unified banking platform, and this collaboration signifies more than just a partnership; it's a gateway to efficiency, accessibility, and a future where businesses thrive in a seamlessly integrated financial ecosystem.

Growth Opportunities in the Offshore Industry

The partnership between AZUR and EQIBank presents a plethora of growth opportunities, with the potential to reshape the global economic landscape.

With cross-border coverage, EQIBank allows business to operate their financial dealings globally, and AZUR’s virtual city offers new and established businesses a low cost and minimal administrative burden.

Favorable regimes

Global jurisdictions provide a fertile ground for expansion and innovation for businesses, with favourable tax regimes, regulatory frameworks, and reduced administrative burdens optimising budgets and resources. 

Access to new markets 

These favourable jurisdictions create access to new markets, diversifying revenue streams and creating international collaborations, leading to a more globally connected business landscape and growth in new sectors and countries. 

AZUR and EQIBank- A Global Partnership

As we’ve discovered, the unique partnership between AZUR and EQIBank only serves to assist businesses as they begin and grow globally. 

With its grand vision to foster inclusive global and local communities, AZUR provides an optimal environment for business initiation and scaling. Partnered with EQIBank, whose combination of modern systems with traditional values is available in over 180 countries, accessing global digital banking has never been easier. 

The seamless operations both companies provide are pivotal for global enterprise now, and as we forge ahead into a new era of digital banking. 

Ready To Start Your Offshore Business? 

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