Why choose Special Economic Zone

Why choose Special Economic Zone

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Why move to a Special Economic Zone?

Today, there are approximately 3,000 Free Zones (“SEZs”) operating in over 135 countries and more than US$1.3 trillion of direct jobs. By offering privileged terms, Free Zones attract investment and foreign exchange, spur employment and boost the development of innovative technologies and improved infrastructure. Corporate clients move into Special Economic Zones to principal benefit from global concessions. These traditionally include tax incentives, residence, freedom of capital, and improved import/export processes.

Are all Special Economic Zones the same?

No. Most Special Economic Zones leverage complex and uncompetitive incentives and processes. For example, tax-free status for 5-10 years, when companies demand 25+ years. The OECD has a global ranking for the most competitive Special Economic Zones. The top 1% of Special Economic Zones are reviewed in the AZUR materials.

Why is AZUR within the top 1% of SEZs?

AZUR is within the top 1% of Special Economic Zones as measured by its concessions and benefits. AZUR offers the following key benefits to tenants guaranteed for 25 years:

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